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About author

I, Jury Horuzhenko, the native of the city of Tallina, was born in 1948. In a youth took a great interest in painting and stamping on metal. Every year with a box of paints and papers went in campaigns behind impressions.

I take a great interest in heraldry. Has made not one arms. More than 20 years am engaged in woodcarving and manufacturing of complex carved forms and manufacturing of the arms.

Woodcarving are fine both unique gifts and memorable things which will decorate your interior many years. All orders are carried out with the highest quality in the single copy. The professional woodcarver is ready to execute a groove of any complexity. To develop the sketch of the arms or to work under your sketches.

Having ordered manufacturing of the arms, you receive the present pride for your family: worked under traditional laws of heraldry, the highest quality, covered by the present gold, your arms will please you and your descendants, causing delight. The arms is painted by mineral paints which do not grow dull and do not burn out.

On this site you can familiarize with examples of my works: Carved caskets, (caskets — a bar for drinks, caskets - a representation gift) Carved furniture (doors, armchairs, fireplaces, a pier glass), The arms (family, patrimonial, the arms of the states, cities, areas and the organizations), Icons (family, measured, icons of heavenly patrons, icons of Divine Mother). About author - best say my jobs best say my jobs:

  • Altars
  • Caskets
  • Furniture and Woodcarving
  • Coats of Arms
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